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We will help you prosper regardless of Brexit, Trump or Corbyn! Our Youtube programme, Elite Insights, gives up to the minute information on business, investing and tax matters as they impact the more successful members of society. The kind that are increasingly targeted by the politics of jealousy and the desire to be seen to be ‘screwing the rich’. Sadly, this seems to apply to both sides of the house as the soon to be ex PM Theresa May focuses on the JAMs and Jeremy Corbyn wants to take from the few to give to the many. You won’t find a political party that’s got your back so we are the next best thing!

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With a new financial scandal every month, governments printing money like it was going out of fashion and many investments offering zero or negative returns, you could be forgiven for thinking the world’s gone mad. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most members of the club have been around long enough to become cynical and suspicious of any and all investments. Have a look at our values and see if this is the sort of organisation you’d like to be a part of.

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One of the delights of running Elite Investor Club has been the feedback from members. Their words count for a lot more than anything we say so watch the video on the right or click the link below to see what they’ve written about us.

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Graham Rowan is not vanilla. He’s more Marmite flavour. Some want to marry him and have his babies. And that’s just the men. Others send him hate mail.

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