Disclaimer and Risk Warning

A letter from Graham Rowan, Chairman, Elite Investor Club

Dear Investor,

The purpose of the Elite Investor Club is to help people like you to achieve financial independence through a combination of education, coaching and access to extraordinary investments. We want to equip you to become a sophisticated investor, capable of analysing an investment opportunity and making your own mind up about whether it’s right for you. Sadly, we live in a society where dependency and entitlement are encouraged, and where individual accountability is abdicated in favour of a compensation culture. This approach manifests itself in the latest FCA rules, which state that High Net Worth investors (earning £100,000 a year or possessing £250,000 of investable funds outside their main home and pension) can make all their own investment decisions, while those earning £99,000 a year or less are treated as vulnerable adults who need the state to make their decisions for them. We’re not like that here. We treat all members as sentient grown-ups, capable of taking information on board and making rational decisions. But that means the risks is yours, not ours. For the avoidance of doubt, let me make things crystal clear:

  • Elite Investor Club is a trading name of Wealth Invest Limited. Wealth Invest Limited, its directors and staff are NOT licensed, qualified or authorised to give investment or tax advice
  • The investments that we show are unregulated and therefore not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (that covers up to £85,000 in a High Street bank).
  • Unregulated investments are not covered by the Financial Ombudsman scheme so you will not have redress there if anything goes wrong
  • Because we are not licensed, we are not able to obtain professional indemnity insurance cover so there is no policy you can claim against
  • You cannot and must not take the fact that I have personally invested in something as advice or a recommendation that you should do likewise

As you know, our portfolio is wide and varied so let me cover who is able to invest in what:

  • Dementia care home suites – these are a commercial property investment falling outside the FCA’s remit and available to all investors
  • German listed building loan note and Chicago social housing bonds – available only to high net worth and sophisticated investors
  • Lifetime tenancies are an unregulated property investment available to all
  • Cape Verde, French leaseback, Gibraltar and St Andrews golf properties – these are tourist or residential properties available to all investors
  • Commercial property crowdlending – under review by the FCA, I suspect this will end up also being reserved for High Net Worth and sophisticated investors
  • Elite Investor Wine Club – available to all with the caveat that it is a small, volatile market and you should only invest funds you are prepared to lose

So please do your research, ask for any additional information you require then make your own decisions. Happy investing!

Graham Rowan, Chairman, Elite Investor Club