The 5 Secrets of High Net Worth Investors

Join us for our next Boardroom Breakfast at Home House Private Members Club on Wednesday 16th May for a look at The 5 Secrets of High Net Worth Investors.  Our own Graham Rowan will cover 4 of the secrets before handing over to pensions expert and fellow Geordie Kevin Whelan for an in-depth look at Directors’ Pensions, otherwise known as your very own Financial Ferrari.

If you’re a successful business owner or a serious property investor, you need to be in the room to hear this information. The difference between getting this stuff right or wrong can be measured in the millions across your lifetime. Here’s what you’ll learn at this content-rich event in Portman Square near Marble Arch:

  • How to recognise that you are a High Net Worth investor
  • How to structure your assets and recognise where you are underweight or overweight in certain types of asset (there’ll be a real time exercise so you’ll leave with a better understanding of your own portfolio)
  • How to save millions by signing a few pieces of paper
  • How to protect yourself from the blind spots we see over and over again
  • How to get the keys to your Financial Ferrari

We have a maximum of 18 places available in the Asylum Room at Home House (above – it looks nicer than any asylum I’ve ever seen), where you will enjoy a superb breakfast while you network with like-minded business owners and investors. Then it’s down to business with the talks from Graham Rowan and Kevin Whelan, aka The Two Geordies. Here’s the full programme:

8:00am Arrival and breakfast

8:30am Welcome and introduction – Graham Rowan

8:40am The first 4 Secrets of High Net Worth Investors – Graham Rowan

9:10am The 5th Secret – Your Financial Ferrari – Kevin Whelan

9:40am Questions and Answers

10:00am Networking and close

All this for a measly £20 including breakfast, which might equal 1 Bitcoin by then given the current trajectory.  Be one of the 20 by taking an anti-procrastination pill and booking your ticket now. When we’re full, we’re full, no exceptions…

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Here’s what you can expect on Wednesday 16th May:
London’s Most Exclusive Private Members’ Club

An informative talk from Kevin Whelan

The Keys To Your Financial Ferrari