How To Corbyn- Proof Your Wealth!

Defensive Investment And Tax Strategies in case Corbyn Gets Elected

Join us for an important briefing at Home House on Thursday 8th February 8:30-10:00am.

Our next event for successful company directors and serious investors is a Boardroom Breakfast at Home House near Marble Arch where we’ll focus on one of our main themes for 2018, ‘How To Corbyn-Proof Your Business, Your Portfolio And Your Life!’

It’s only slightly tongue-in-cheek as I recently spent 6 hours analysing Corbyn’s speech to the 2017 Labour Party Conference. I have to say I was impressed:

  • He’s no longer a comedic Michael Foot-like figure, but a sharp-suited and well groomed presenter with more gravitas than you might expect
  • If you suspend disbelief on how it will all be paid for, you can see how his policies will appeal to the young and the under achieving
  • Their share of the vote and their membership are on the rise
  • If the Tory in-fighting over Brexit triggers a snap election, there can be little doubt who will end up with a majority in Parliament

As the Americans might say, a Corbyn government is a clear and present danger.  In the superb surroundings of the Boardroom at the historic Home House private club in Portman Square near Marble Arch, we’ll use the rich back story of this elegant building as a metaphor for this historic briefing on some of the biggest issues we see for you and your wealth if such a catastrophe was to come about and we’ll give high level examples of the solutions you should consider putting in place.

I make 3 promises for this 90 minute, start-of-the-day Boardroom Breakfast:

  1. We’ll focus on stated Labour policies and their likely scale and impact on the top 1% of society
  2. We’ll stay objective and balanced – this won’t be a political rant
  3. We will share our latest thinking on how to survive and prosper under a Socialist state

Seats at this exclusive event are just £10 a head and the funds raised will go to Step Change, a charity which provides debt advice to business owners and tradesmen.

Two Expert Speakers and a Great Breakfast!

Graham Rowan, Chairman, Elite Investor Group, who will cover the risks and strategies to consider from an investment perspective. Graham is a well known TV presenter and international speaker whose mission to help people achieve financial freedom has taken him to the United Nations in New York, Harvard Business School in Boston and recently to the World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore where he shared the stage with Jim Rogers and Brian Tracy. He finds interesting investments for high net worth investors through Elite Investor Group and also chairs significant companies in the elder care and cemetery sectors.

Jeff Lermer, Director, Elite Tax Planning, who will focus on defensive and proactive tax planning strategies to get ahead of the curve in what could be a challenging 2018. Jeff is one of the UK’s leading tax advisers and has helped many Elite Investor Group clients to save millions in tax through careful, bespoke planning. So well respected is Jeff in his profession that he is asked to sit on Treasury committees considering tax changes, while he does OK for his clients having created over 100 millionaires and more than 20 deca-millionaires in the last ten years. He combines deep knowledge with rare pragmatism and is the ‘secret sauce’ behind the success of may of his clients. He also has limited capacity to take on new clients and offers a free initial phone call to see if there is a potential fit.

Book Your Place Now

Join us in the Board Room at historic Home House

Registration is from 8:00am and the talks will start promptly at 8:30am. There’ll be Q&A and networking from 9:30am and we’ll be done by 10:00am.

This private, closed-door event is open to a maximum of 18 business owners. Some of the people who attend our events decide that they would like to work with Elite Tax Planning or Elite Investor Group to help implement the strategies discussed at the breakfast though we have limits on our capacity to take on new clients so you will not be under pressure to make any decisions or commitments on the day.

So, if you are a successful business owner and/or investor worried about the potential impact of a Corbyn government on your wealth click the link below, book your ticket and we’ll be in touch to confirm your place.

Graham Rowan

Jeff Lermer and I very much look forward to meeting you at Home House on 8th February.

Best wishes


Graham Rowan, Chairman, Elite Investor Group