The Elite Investor Academy

An Unashamed Focus on Wealth Creation for Sophisticated Investors

It was American singer Sophie Tucker who said ‘I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor – rich is better!’ Let that be our motto for our May event which is themed as The Elite Investor Academy

After the usual wine and canapes I’ll start with the official launch of Elite Investor Academy, our new training centre that plugs the gap in providing financial education that so many members have been asking for.

Moshe Hadari can make you a millionaire!

Then we’ll bring on someone with 30 years experience in the finance sector and a couple of decades as an international speaker, Moshe Hadari. He’ll share the easiest and cheapest way to guarantee that you end up a millionaire. Is it a get rich quick scheme?  Does it involve the National Lottery or Premium Bonds? Will you be glued to a screen trading the forex markets?

No. No. And no. But you need to be there on the night to learn how it’s done. And yes, even if you are a penniless spendthrift today this strategy will guarantee you a golden future. Worth £20 to find out?

But that’s not all. Once we’ve topped up our glasses, chatted to old and new friends and polished off the last of the canapes, I have a very special treat for you in the second half. Kevin Whelan is my soul mate. Like me, he’s a Geordie who long ago escaped to civilisation. Like me, he’s been around the block a few times and has the grey hairs to prove it. Like me, he’s had bad experiences with the financial services industry. Like me, he’s now doing something about it by providing education and services that help people create and protect family wealth. How could we not end up working together?

Kevin Whelan explains the 7 Ways To Wealth

Kevin is the first person to be appointed a Fellow of Elite Investor Academy, which means he will share the platform with me at our upcoming live training events. And you can see him for the first time on Tuesday 16th May where he will introduce The 7 Ways To Wealth. Think you know all 7?   I certainly didn’t.

And one lucky attendee will win a seat at our full day version of the course in the second half of June. That’s worth a cool £297 but you have to be there on the night to be in the prize draw.


As ever we’ll meet at MSE Meeting Rooms, on the  5th floor at 103A Oxford Street, on Tuesday 16th May. Here’s the schedule for a mere £20 contribution to the cost of the event:

Here’s the schedule for the evening of Tuesday 16th May from 6:30pm to around 9:00pm:

  • Drinks and canapes on arrival
  • Launch of Elite Investor Academy – Graham Rowan
  • The Quickest & Cheapest Way To GUARANTEE That You End Up A Millionaire – Moshe Hadari 
  • Break for more wine and canapes
  • The 7 Ways To Wealth – Kevin Whelan, Fellow of Elite Investor Academy
  • Finish the wine, chat with the speakers and make some new friends until we get chucked out of the room
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