Jonathan Jay Discovery Day

Grow your business through acquisition in 2019


If you’re serious about growing your business through the acquisition of other companies,then you are invited to come to our exclusive Discovery Day with Jonathan Jay to learn about his exclusive 2019 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Mastermind Programme.

You’ll also learn about the benefits of growing your business through acquisition and be given six basic strategies for doing it without using your own money.

Basic strategy number one. How to leverage a deal so that you can buy a company without using your own money. That is, you use other people’s money and resources rather than your own to acquire the company. The limiting belief that many business owners have is that they need to have cash reserves to finance an acquisition. Thisis not the case. In fact, the larger the acquisition, the easier it is to leverage it.

Basic strategy number two. How to buy an insolvent business via an administrator. Thisis a key strategy because as part of the growth of your business, you will come across competitors in similar businesses that have hit upon hard times. Absorbing that business’ contracts and customers into your existing infrastructure will accelerate the growth of your business.However, buying an insolvent business isn’t without risk, andyou must know exactly how to do it in such a way that de-risks the process for you.

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Basic strategy number three. When you should buy the shares in the business and when you should buy the assets of the business.In some acquisitions,it’s desirable to buy the assets of the company and leave the liabilities behind. However, in some situations, buying the shares is the best strategy.

Basic strategy number four. How to use the roll-up strategy to turn a group of small businesses into a large one. In some sectors,there is an opportunity to consolidatesomesmall players and turn them into a big one. If you own a modest business in your sector, there may be a lot of other acquisition opportunities among modest-sized businesses. By combining several of these,you can turn your business into a large player, andtherefore you become an acquisition target for a company larger than yourself. It’s the fastest way to grow a business.

Basic strategy number five. How to buy your supply chain. Thisallows you to get your ownsupplies at a lower rate, but also to supply other businesses. When you buy your supply chain, you become impervious to cost increases, andyou have a second source of income and profitability from these other companies.

Basic strategy number six. How to use asset-based finance to buy a company. Once you understand this strategy, you will be able to use it to leverage the acquisition of a competitor or a similar business to yours. During the Discovery Day,I’ll show you when to use it, why you should be using it and give you some illustrations and case studies, so you can see how beneficial it is, and how anyone can use asset-based finance to leverage an acquisition.

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Learn from Real-World M&A Experts

You’ll also get a clear picture of what our M&A Mastermind Programme will entail. The Discovery Day is a taster of what the Programme is like.

You’ll learn about the experts who will be guiding you on the journey. That includes real-worldexperts in mergers and acquisitions, tax, accounting, law and HR along with dealmakers whohavemade multi-million-pound mergers.

You’ll also hear about how a major component of the Mastermind Programme is the opportunity it provides to work alongside like-minded businesspeople.

Collaboration is a very important part of any Mastermind Programme. But the peer-to-peer mentoring it offers only works when everyone in the group is highly motivated and in a financial position to be able to act on what they discover.

It’s for that reason that every participant on both the Discovery Day and the 2019 Mastermind Programme must meet a set of strict criteria.

No Dreamers! No Wannabes!

So, the Discovery Day and the 2019 Mastermind Programme are only for people who are serious about growing their business. It’s not for dreamers. It’s not for ‘wannabes’. It’s for people who already own a business or who are sophisticated investors and who want to be part of an elite (pun intended) programme where they learn the very best and up-to-date strategies for buying other businesses.

The Criteria for Participating:

To come to the Discovery Day, and therefore to be accepted into the Mastermind Programme, you must have two of the following:

  • An annual income of at least £100,000 per year
  • A business with a turnover of £1 million plus per annum
  • Assets of more than £250,000 (not including your family home)

When and Where?

This event is exclusive to Elite Investor Club members and will take place on Thursday 25th October from 1:30pm to 5:30pm at the Richmond Hill Hotel in Richmond, Surrey.

The normal price for the event is £199 but Jonathan has kindly agreed to charge us just £99 per person. Places are strictly limited so please book now to make sure you join me in the room to learn these valuable strategies for massively growing your business in 2019.

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Here’s what you can expect on Thursday 25th October:4 hours of priceless information from a leader in his field

6 key strategies to acquire businesses from Jonathan Jay

Networking with other entrepreneurs and investors