SOLD OUT! Launch of the Meller Art Club


Since we last show-cased Aidan Meller’s passion for art history and art investment back in April, things have moved on a lot! Aidan has inspired Graham’s embryonic interest in art to such an extent that they have teamed up to launch the Meller Art Club to help others move from cautious newbies to confident collectors.

On Thursday 27th September we return to the spiritual home of art in the UK, the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. When we were last here in April, one Elite member was really taken by a painting that Aidan had only acquired earlier that same evening. A few days later, after a detailed due diligence session following the steps of the Art Investment System at Aidan’s home, he bought the art work for £120,000. A very similar work by the same artist, from the same period of his career, sold at auction in July for just under £500,000! While we can’t guarantee results like that, I hope it encourages you that art investing may have a place in your wider portfolio. And, with works available from as little as £10,000, you don’t need to be a billionaire to be an art investor…

Aidan Meller combines a passion for art with a nose for a profit

If you have yet to see him in action, what makes Aidan unique is his ability to combine a passionate love of fine art with an investor’s acumen for making money from that passion. The Meller Art Club gives him a new platform for making all that experience, knowledge and passion available to a wider audience for the first time.

At this launch event, Aidan and Graham will explain the goals of the club, how membership works and how you can get involved as a Founder Member. As with all the investments in the Elite portfolio, the earliest investors tend to get the most favourable terms. To see the full benefits of Founder Membership, you need to be in the room in the grand surroundings of the Royal Academy on Thursday 27th September.

No prior knowledge or experience of art is assumed, and you will most definitely NOT be allowed to make any investment decisions on the night! This is a social and educational occasion aimed at opening your eyes to the possibility that fine art can play a role in creating the long term, multi generational wealth that all Elite members aspire to.

Here’s the programme for the evening:

  • 6:30pm – Arrival, drinks and canapes
  • 7:00pm – Introduction by Graham Rowan
  • 7:10pm – Launch of the Meller Art Club – Aidan Meller
  • 7:55pm – Founder Membership details – Graham Rowan 
  • 8:10pm – Examples of affordable fine art in the room
  • 8:20pm – Questions and Answers
  • 8:30pm – Networking
  • 9:00pm – Close  

Book your ticket now for just £20 including wine and canapes.


About The Keeper’s House at the Royal Academy

Sydney Smirke RA knew how to build an artist’s home. Nestled in the corner of the RA’s Annenberg Courtyard, the Keeper’s House is his sideways extension of the grand urban palace, Burlington House. Created over 140 years ago, the space was the grace and favour residence for the Academy’s Keeper. Smirke’s plans guaranteed every nineteenth century convenience from the finest vaulted wine cellars to the Models’ Staircase, a private external entrance giving direct access to the Keeper’s studio at all hours for a select few.

Award winning architects Long & Kentish have sensitively restored the Keeper’s House retaining many details from vaults to old ceiling beams and hearths originating from the 1660s. This history is matched with contemporary luxurious interiors designed by award-winning architect David Chipperfield RA.The scope of what is now called the Keeper’s House may have widened, however hospitality remains at the core of this revitalised space – in essence, ‘a home away from home’ – for Friends of the RA, Patrons, Royal Academicians and visitors.Book Your Seat At This Exclusive Event Now!

Here’s what you can expect on Thursday 27th September:Visit the spiritual home of art in the UK

An expert analysis of a selection of affordable classics

Socialising with like minded investors