Spring Clean Your Investments

2 Great Speakers and 2 Great Prizes! Jeremy McGivern and Aidan Meller

We have a Double Whammy for you at the March event with not one but two great speakers.

Graham interviews Jeremy on the Make Your Money Work series

First up is one of the stars of my recent Make Your Money Work TV series, Jeremy McGivern (right). He’s just written a special report for Elite members, all about the state of the prime central London property market after Brexit. If you haven’t already grabbed your copy watch out for an email with a link to download it. On Wednesday 8th March Jeremy will spill the beans on what’s really happening in the off-market deals that he sniffs out every day for his clients. If you, or anyone you know, is thinking of investing in the poshest areas of the capital, Jeremy’s information will be gold dust.

Jeremy has kindly donated his book and 6 x CD set, ‘The Insider’s Guide to Acquiring Luxury Property In Prime Central London’ as a prize that one lucky member will take away on the night.

Someone will win this valuable book and 6 CDs on the night








Following the highly popular talk on gold at our kick-off event in January, we turn to another intriguing corner of the investment world for the second session at our Spring 2017 meeting – collectible art.

Before you switch off and convince yourself this world is the preserve of reclusive Japanese billionaires bidding up French Impressionists to telephone number prices at Sotheby’s, you need to stop and listen to Uncle Graham. There are opportunities to acquire seriously collectible pieces of work in the £20,000 and upwards range. And then see returns that beat the pants off the likes of property or the stock market. It may not be the great master itself, but a preliminary drawing on which the famous work was based.

Aidan Meller, collectible art expert

As with many things in the investment world, what matters is having the right players in your team. Which, as ever, is where Elite Investor Club comes in. We’ve tracked down one of the country’s leading experts on collectible art, Oxford’s Aidan Meller (left) , to come and explain how we can get involved in this exciting sector at an affordable level. This ex-Sotheby’s gallery owner will tell us stories about his own collection and how his customers have had great pleasure from their collection while achieving outstanding financial returns. After all, we can hang this investment on the wall and enjoy it every day. Try doing that with a lease agreement or a share certificate…

If we’re very good, Aidan might even invite us to an Art Appreciation Dinner at his 1,000 year old manor house near Oxford.  Bring your Real Tennis gear as he has a court attached to his house.

Want to learn about something as rare as a Picasso? Something that could rescue your retirement fund to the tune of a 7 figure improvement but with no investment risk whatsoever?  Take off your Too Good To Be True shoes and come and learn all about it.

Aidan has also been generous in his donation to the prize draw – he’s donating An Hour Of Art Expertise so you can win a session with Aidan himself, learning about the Art World, it’s treasures, it’s history, and gain insight into why people get so passionate about it. With a personal tour, this prize is for two people, at the Aidan Meller Gallery in Oxford. What a great way to kick-start your collection!

As has become tradition, we’ll again converge on MSE Meeting Rooms, on the  5th floor at 103A Oxford Street, on Wednesday 8th March. For 2017 we’re raising the contribution to £20 as the meetings cost around £1800 to put on and we are limited to 60 people in the room. We don’t mind subsidising these meetings a bit but the costs have been getting higher for wine and catering so I hope you’ll agree it’s still great value.

Here’s the schedule for the evening of Wednesday 8th March from 6:30pm to around 9:00pm:

  • Drinks and canapes on arrival
  • Welcome and Club Update – Graham Rowan and Joanne Farquharson
  • What is the REAL state of the Prime London property market? – Jeremy McGivern 
  • Break for more wine and canapes
  • How To Collect Art If You’re Not A Billionaire – Aidan Meller
  • Polish off the wine, meet the speakers and re-connect with your EIC chums



Here’s what you can expect on Wednesday 8th March:

Network with like minded investors

Network with like minded investors

Sample our Elite Investor wine or soft drinks if you prefer

It’s art but is it an investment?