Summer Spectacular with Siam Kidd and Graham Rowan

Before you pack your bags and head off to the sunshine there’s a Must Attend event to add to your crowded social calendar. The Elite Investor Club Summer Spectacular in London’s Oxford Street on the evening of Wednesday 5th July. 


Siam Kidd, trader and serial entrepreneur

Star of the Show will be Siam Kidd, the highest rated speaker at all 3 of our Wealth Summit events. He’s made spectacular progress on his own journey to financial freedom and now owns 10 companies as well as his core Realistic Trader business. The former RAF pilot now flies helicopters and aerobatics planes for fun, so standing up in front of a bunch of Elite Investor Club members holds no fear…

Like me, he’s been expecting financial Armageddon for a while now. In his usual entertaining style, he’ll ask whether we were all wrong or has the Day of Reckoning simply been delayed?

It’s also been a while since I allowed myself to give a talk to members, so I want to correct that by sharing the lessons I’ve learned in the last 2 years that have proven to me that you never stop learning. Click below to hear what Paul Davies has to say then come and meet him on Wednesday 5th July!

As ever, it all kicks off with Elite Investor Club wine to wash down the canapes from our French caterer Bertrand before we corral you into the main room for a Club Update from, Joanne and the first talk from yours truly. A break to demolish what’s left of the food and drink and then we’ll bring Siam on to give you some words of wisdom to take away into the summer break.

A final bit of networking then, as Brian Hyland sang so sweetly, ‘let us make a vow to meet in September and seal it with a kiss‘.  Yes, it’s going to be a long, lonely summer without Elite Investor Club…

For the princely sum of £20 here’s what you get starting around 6:30pm :

  • Wine, canapes and networking
  • Welcome and club update – Joanne Farquharson
  • 7 Things I’ve learned after thinking I knew it all – Graham Rowan
  • Break 
  • Financial Armageddon – were we wrong or is it still coming? – Siam Kidd
  • Networking and close 
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Here’s what you can expect on Wednesday 5th July:

A glass of wine and canapes when you arrive

A great talk from Siam KiddCharles tells me a joke

A laugh with Graham