Wealth 2020 – Gold and Value Investing

Join us in central London for our next Boardroom Breakfast on Wednesday 3rd April where club chairman Graham Rowan and Money Week writer Tim Price look at gold and value investing in the context of our main theme for the year, Wealth 2020.

The idea is to use 2019 as the ‘bridge’ to being fully sorted in terms of wealth creation and wealth protection strategies so that your roadmap to financial freedom is crystal clear by 2020. Graham will start with a short talk on what he means by Wealth 2020 and how it fits in the framework of your Wealth Pyramid.

He will then hand over to Tim Price, who may be best known for his work in Money Week but is also a respected fund manager where he implements his strategy of value investing through careful selection of stocks and funds around the world. He is also on record as holding a significant portion of his personal wealth in gold. Here’s what you’ll learn at our latest Boardroom Breakfast:

  • What questions should I be answering in 2019 to have my wealth on the right footing for the new decade that will soon be upon us?
  • What is ‘value investing’ and why should it be part of my own wealth building strategy?
  • Why has Tim invested so heavily in gold and should I be doing the same?
  • What are Tim’s views on Brexit, Corbyn, Trump et al and how should they influence our investment strategy for 2020?

Tim Price with Graham Rowan on Money & Me

Tim featured in a recent episode of Graham’s Sky TV series Money & Me and combines his deep market knowledge with a dry wit that will keep you smiling even as he shares the true scale of the mess the world is in and the inevitable Armageddon that will strike when we are least expecting it.

Tim is a real friend of Elite Investor Club and has always had great reviews from the previous talks he’s given. Make sure you get his latest views on both gold and value investing as you formulate your own plans for the year and the decade ahead.

We have a maximum of 20 places available so please don’t delay. We have a great new venue at Victory Services Club in Marble Arch and we will start with some breakfast to sustain you through two great talks, after which there’ll be Q&A and more time for networking with the speakers and other members.

Here’s the full programme:

8:00am Arrival and coffee

8:20am Breakfast

8:40am Wealth 2020 Overview – Graham Rowan

9:00am Gold and Value Investing – Tim Price

9:40am Questions & Answers

9:50am Networking

10:30am Close

All this for just £20 including breakfast at a superb venue near Marble Arch, The Victory Services Association, Seymour St, London W2 2HF, UK.

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Here’s what you can expect on Wednesday 3rd April:

Tim Price will talk on gold and value investing

Graham Rowan will put Wealth 2020 in context

Networking with other entrepreneurs and investors