What do members say about the Elite Investor Club?

Our members are drawn from all professions and income groups, though we seem to resonate best with successful business owners and savvy professionals who are disappointed by the results they’ve achieved with traditional investments promoted by their financial advisers.

In the short video clips below you can hear them talk about what they get out of being part of the club and what current investment issues they’re grappling with. It’s worth watching a number of different videos to help you gain a cross section of the type of members we have. If you’d like a more formal definition of how we aim to support members, why not click here and visit our Philosophy and Values page?

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Oliver Dennis

Oliver Dennis owns a chain of care homes and is an active member of Elite Investor Club. Here he talks about what he’s gained from being a member and attending Club events.

Andrew Horton

Globe trotting Aussie Andrew Horton is a corporate bean counter for Heinz Foods. He’s also the CFO for Andrew Craig’s company Plain English Finance and has really enjoyed the meetings his travel schedule has allowed him to attend.

Paul Davies

Paul is a stalwart of the club and has hardly missed an event. This property business owner from the Heathrow area talks about why he enjoys being a member of the club.

Gerry Melville

Quantity surveyor Gerry is the sort of investor who wants to know all the details before he takes a decision. He’s been using Elite Investor Club meetings to gather lots of information, meet the key players and fellow investors before his recent decision to invest in dementia care home suites.

Charles Sayer

Chiswick entrepeneur and serial investor Charles Sayer discusses the Elite Investor Club.

Mark Fordham

Harpenden based busines owner Mark Fordham is like many of us – worried about his pension and retirement planning. As he shares in this conversation with Graham.

Nitzan Marinov

Nitzan Marinov is an experienced investor and former colleague of trading legend Marcus de Maria. Why does she belong to the Elite Investor Club?

Owen Johnson

Owen is proof that you don’t need to be a millionaire to join the club. He runs a small business and is saving small amounts towards his future. He just wants to make sure he’s aware of the best way to invest once he’s in a position to move forward.

Guy Weaver

Company director Guy Weaver talks about what he gets out of being an Elite Investor Club member

Sean McInnes, IT Company Director, Bushey

“The Elite Investor Club succeeds in delivering clear and succinct advice for every level of investor.

It is always packed with fresh content. Added to this is the wealth of knowledge from Graham, the expert speakers and the other serious investors around the table. You just don’t get this kind of content and networking opportunity anywhere.

Miss it, and you will miss out”