UNIQUE: Afan Valley – Own A Lodge with just an £82,000 deposit!

This unique project offers a 393% return on capital employed!

I’ve recorded a special webinar with Peter Moore OBE, founder of Center Parcs and now Chairman of the Afan Valley project, Paul Gardiner, Managing Director of Bear Grylls Survival Academy and Jamie Pyper, the lead planning consultant for Afan Valley. Click here to watch this compelling discussion.

Afan Valley Adventure Resort is a brand new adventure theme park being developed in the delightful Afan Valley area of South Wales. The project includes 40 extreme adventure experiences specially designed for Afan Valley Adventure Resort by the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. With 400 lodges and a 100 room hotel, Afan Valley Adventure Resort will be the UK’s largest adventure theme park and will set new standards in stay-cations for those seeking an outdoor holiday with a difference.

We can acquire a superb 2 bedroom lodge worth £205,000 with just an £82,000 deposit. The remainder of the purchase price is repaid from our rental income then, at the end of the 10 year term, we sell the lodge back to the developer for 125% of its full initial value. That means a payment of £256,250 and, when you add in the £45,100 in rental payments we also receive, plus 14 days a year of personal use worth over £20,000, the overall return on capital employed is a staggering 393%!

Benefits of this investment:

  • Own a lodge worth £205,000 with a down payment of just £82,000
  • Receive £6,443 per annum rental income from year 4 to year 10
  • Enjoy 14 days of personal use, 7 in high season and 7 in low season
  • Guaranteed sell back to developer rising at 2.5% each year to 125% of the full initial value after 10 years.
  • 125 year lease with full legal title.
  • Interest free developer finance of £168,100 2 bed lodges
  • Site plan now released with the first lodges available.
  • The project was featured on Graham Rowan’s Sky TV series Make Your Money Work
  • 5 zones bring together a unique combination of leisure activities that set new standards for the UK


Facts And Figures

  • 400 lodges and a 100 bed hotel delivered in a single development phase
  • A mix of 2 and 3 bedroom lodges with different designs for each of the zones
  • An interest free loan of £168,100 gives you superb leverage to achieve an ROI of 268% in 10 years


Due Diligence

  • The company developing the theme park has exchanged contracts on the land for phase 1 and has now submitted detailed planning permission
  • The land has been acquired with planning permission already in place for 250 lodges and 150 residential units so there is a clear appetite from the local authority for the site to be developed
  • The former CEO of Center Parcs, Peter Moore OBE, has been recruited as Chairman of the leisure division of the developer with the brief to define and deliver the Afan Park vision
  • There is strong political support in the Welsh Assembly as the project will create over 1200 jobs on and off site just 45 minutes from the struggling steel town of Port Talbot. Once you fill in the form below you’ll be sent a link to a mini-documentary that we shot at the launch where Graham interviews Welsh MP Huw Irranca-Davies, plus Peter Moore OBE and the lead architect and planning consultant who will deliver the project
  • The developer has already identified a second site in Scotland for a similar scale of theme park north of the border and expects to announce this project before the end of 2017
  • Tourism contributes £5.1 billion to the Welsh economy, with £494 million from outdoor adventure tourism
  • Hotel room occupancy in Wales rose 3% to 67% across the whole of 2015

Risk Factors And Mitigation

  • That the project does not get planning permission – highly unlikely given the jobs being created and the wider economic impact. There may be some changes to the detail of the site layout but the existing planning permission already allows for 250 lodges and 150 residential units on the site
  • That the developer goes bust – their cash flow comes from lodge sales so they will always have money up front with which to build the infrastructure to support the development. No payments to investors will be required before 2020 so there is time for the park to become operational before the company needs to commence cash payouts. As a Plan B banks and institutions would lend substantial sums against the value of the land once planning permission is obtained
  • That tourists do not come to the park. This seems highly unlikely given the existing popularity of adventure tourism in Wales and the number of unique factors driving this project – the leadership of Peter Moore, the involvement of Bear Grylls, the combination of extreme adventure experiences, year round skiing, a high-end branded spa and amazing countryside  mean that this park will set new standards in the UK, if not the whole of Europe. We understand that a leading marketing and reservations company has signed a contract committing to 80% occupancy levels all year round which is already well above break even for the resort.

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In My Opinion

“Every so often a project comes along that really captures the imagination. Afan Valley Adventure Resort is such a project – a breathtaking setting that I enjoyed filming for my TV series recently. With a unique blend of adrenaline fuelled rides and relaxed wellbeing plus effective returns of 12.5% from the moment you invest means that this project will be a staple of our portfolio for the next three years.”