White Sands Hotel and Spa

The dream holiday home with year round sunshine and up to 7% rental returns

Benefits of this investment:

  • Glorious year round sunshine in this former Portugese colony 400 kilometres off the West coast of Africa and just a 5 hour flight from Gatwick.
  • 5* development with a range of property options from fractional investments to full ownership of suites, apartments and villas.
  • Up to 5 weeks personal use with interest paid during development.
  • 50/50 profit share with hotel operator after opening.
  • Developer has a strong track record of delivery.

Facts And Figures

  • Spectacular increase in tourism in Cape Verde of 115% since 2000.
  • The booming tourism industry is the key contributing driver to the strength of the local economy.
  • Year round temperatures of around 25 degrees C to 30 degrees C.
  • Flights from the UK just 5 ½ hours from London.
  • Politically very stable with a growing economy since the 1990’s.
  • Renowned sunshine destination with some of the best beaches in the world.
  • Early investors have seen significant capital growth averaging 10% per annum.
  • Tourists come from every part of Europe giving a stable base to these resorts

Due Diligence

  • The developer is the biggest developer and the largest employer in Cape Verde.
  • The resort will be operated by Melia, the world’s largest beach front resort management company.
  • The developer has a conservative financial model, taking minimum deposits of 45% and average deposits of over 60%. They ensure they have funds in place to complete the project before they break ground.
  • They have just delivered the 1250 suite Dunas Beach resort and next year the 600 suite Llana Beach project will be completed.

Risk Factors And Mitigation

  • That the project does not get built – see above about capital raising before start of build.
  • Political risk – as the largest developer and employer in Cape Verde the developer has the ear of senior government officials up to the Prime Minister. Such is the importance of these projects to the local economy that senior ministers usually attend resort openings and ground breaking ceremonies
  • Tourism decline – visitor numbers are set to double this decade from a broad base of countries. Given the reliable climate and the medium haul flights from mainland Europe a decline is difficult to imagine
  • Operational issues – this will be the fourth partnership between the developer and Melia so any operational issues should have been ironed out. A staff training college has been opened on Sal to provide a steady stream of additional human resources for the project
  • Currency risk – rental income is in euros so there could be a risk of a decline in sterling terms. Investors with a euro account in another European country may prefer to have their returns paid into that account in the same currency.

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In My Opinion

“The Cape Verde islands are a well-kept secret just waiting to be discovered. They are known as the ‘European Caribbean’. The company has already delivered two high quality resorts on the island of Sal and I’ve invested in the third one currently in progress. Following the unprecedented success in Sal, the company’s investment model is set to be replicated in the emerging paradise of Boa Vista on the prime development land of Santa Monica Beach.

As a property owner you would not just be purchasing a 5 star property but would be capitalising on the continuing growth in tourism in what is to become one of the world’s next property hotspots.”