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“Elite Investor Club is a global network of high net worth and sophisticated investors. We help our members to achieve financial independence through a combination of wealth coaching, access to extraordinary investments that you won’t find on the High Street and the chance to mix with like minded investors who share your aspirations. Have a look round the site and see if you think membership of Elite Investor Club could help you reach your financial goals. I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.”

Graham Rowan, Chairman

…So who is Graham Rowan?

He’s a 61 year old Geordie who now splits his time between South West London and Antibes on the Cote D’Azur. That’s when he’s not helping his wife Daphne with some retail therapy from his apartment in Paris or lapping up some year round sunshine at his place in Cape Verde.

Flash git? Not really, he’s just designed the life he wants to live and funded it by walking his own talk when it comes to saving and investing. He’s probably had similar experiences to you with the financial services industry. The so-called ‘professionals’ lost him over £151,600 in the tech stocks boom and bust at the turn of the millenium.

That was the last straw that made him take charge of his own financial future.

A decade and a bit later he manages a seven figure net worth made up of a mix of traditional stock market investments and what the the establishment sniffily refer to as ‘alternative’ investments. These include overseas property, burial plots and UK dementia care homes.

He is opinionated. In fact, he often lets rip either in his monthly glossy magazine Elite Lifestyle or in his weekly Elite Investor TV episodes. He doesn’t like Big Government, and he doesn’t like it when regulatory Quangos like the FCA start making investment decisions on behalf of the citizens of a supposedly free country. A short flavour of his feelings:

“How can these imbeciles with zero real world investment experience dare to classify British citizens as either too thick or too poor to decide where to put their hard earned cash? New rules introduced back in 2014 mean that, if you earn £100,000 a year, you’re classed as a grown-up able to make your own investment decisions. But, if you earn a mere £99,000, you’re a vulnerable thicko who must be protected from himself by the Nanny State. So you are BANNED from certain investments because Nanny Knows Best. Of course you can invest in ‘safe’ things like the stock market (err, remind me what happened in 1929, 2008 etc) but not in ‘risky’ things like bonds and loan notes offering high returns secured against a property portfolio. It’s bonkers!”

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