Elite Investor Club Philosophy and Values

Our Philosophy

Our primary aim is to help you take personal control of your financial future so that you can achieve financial independence and therefore live life on your terms. We do that through a combination of financial education, wealth coaching and access to extraordinary investments that you won’t find on the High Street.

Our Values

Taking Personal Ownership

We’ll help all we can, but we expect members to take personal ownership of their financial affairs. That’s the number one secret to escaping the Mediocre Majority and joining the 1%.

Information NOT Advice

The financial services world has swung from too little regulation to too much in the last five years. It is an outrage that the state can now ban its citizens from making their own investment decisions if they earn less than £100,000 a year. Unlike the FCA, we will treat you like a sentient adult capable of absorbing information and making your own decisions.

Through our partnership with Plain English Finance, an FCA regulated company, we can now introduce members to licensed financial advisers who meet our criteria in terms of their investment philosophy. But it is the IFA who will be providing advice, not Elite Investor Club, its directors or employees.

Covering the FULL Investment Universe

Whatever your starting point or your current income or net worth, we will guide you to the point where you will qualify as a Sophisticated Investor in the eyes of the UK Financial Services Authority. That means you will regain access to the world of unregulated investments and financial promotions where some of the biggest money is made by the 1%.

Life Long Financial Learning

It’s depressing to see how few people take a serious interest in their financial future. Just by reading this far, you put yourself in the top 5%. We continue to invest in our own financial education and expect members to do the same. That includes reading Wealth Watch, attending the online Wealth Webinars, coming to our live events and reading the books we recommend.

Honesty and Transparency

There’s an awful lot of hype and BS in the world of investing. We do our best to cut through all that and give you the full facts. I give you my opinion of all the investments in the portfolio, the vast majority of which I’ve already invested my own money in. We tend to develop close relationships with high level management of our investment partners so we can often influence their future development. There will always be issues and irritations. We will do everything we can to use our influence with our investment partners to ensure that these are resolved fairly and promptly.  

A Healthy Scepticism

We’ve all had the snake oil salesmen pushing the latest Get Rich Quick scheme at us. I remember being at an event where one spiky haired 21 year old after another would leap out from his stand offering me untold riches from carbon credits. After letting them pitch me for a few minutes I would ask the killer question – ‘how much of your own money do you have tied up in carbon credits son?‘ Cue mumbling waffle and rapid change of subject. My default position with each investment opportunity that crosses my desk is a healthy scepticism. I’m open to new ideas but I so my own independent research before taking the plunge. As President Reagan once said, ‘Trust, but verify!’.         

Elite but not Elitist

Don’t be fooled by the name. We welcome anyone who has a serious interest in taking ownership of their financial future, whatever their current income or net worth. I’m sad to say that seems to rule out 95% of the population who would rather watch Eastenders than Renegade Investor TV. While it’s true that we have many wealthy and successful people in the club, if you come to our meetings you’ll see that even the most successful are more than willing to connect with you and share their wisdom. If you’ll allow me to be direct, we’re ambitious and successful but we’re not ‘up ourselves’. Well, most of the time, anyway…

It’s Serious But We’re Allowed To Have Fun

We’re all about helping people take their financial future seriously. And that includes facing up to some pretty nasty things that we expect to happen in the coming years. But that doesn’t mean we go round with long faces crying in our beer. Life is there to be lived to the full. And we do our fair share of that. Just watch a few episodes of Renegade Investor TV on Youtube or the Rowan’s Rants in our Wealth Watch magazine to see what I mean. If you’ve had your sense of humour gland surgically removed, Elite Investor Club may not be the right place for you…